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OVFA, Barbeques, and Playin' Around!


R63-parade-cubscouts2-web.jpg (50106 bytes)
Our boat full of cub-scouts in the Mint-Festival parade.

AM JP Gabe eating BBQ OVFA 03 web.jpg (126327 bytes)
OVFA '03

eating at 630 bbq 2 0603 web.jpg (132737 bytes)
Station BBQ

gabe at cooker 630 bbq 0603 web.jpg (164710 bytes)
Anderson cooking at station BBQ.

John C haunted house 102302 web.jpg (139112 bytes)
Churchill (640) at building of haunted house.

Chief hotel web.jpg (70408 bytes)
That's our smiling Chief, Don Bemrose.

R63-parade-cubscouts-web.jpg (43849 bytes)
R-63 towing the 
boat full of cub-scouts in the parade.

Scotty D. H house 102202 Web.jpg (116608 bytes)
Decker (600) at building of haunted house.

John O wierd  haunted house 102202 web.jpg (124433 bytes)
Lt. O'Neil (640) doing.......who knows.

JP Nick George H house 102202 web.jpg (136521 bytes)
Powell and Clair, being their usual cheery selves.

Elizabeth ST630 0303 web.jpg (85513 bytes)
Elizabeth cooking us up a good meal!

SAR Group Photo web.jpg (161620 bytes)
Our OVFA '01 SAR class.

Brent JP JVA @ Vans 0503 web.jpg (83912 bytes)
Smith and Powell at Van's BBQ.

Brent at computer 030803 web.jpg (109919 bytes)
Smith at his happiest...with food and a computer.

dennis r63 shop web.jpg (100975 bytes)
Dennis is always happy to see us!

Elaine at desk 0303 web.jpg (108619 bytes)
Elaine's just always happy period!

kids hose 11-01 web.jpg (76487 bytes)
Future JFD firefighters.



Last modified: December 05, 2003