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General Information

Jefferson Rural Fire Protection District is a volunteer agency comprised of three stations: 630 (Millersburg), 640 (Talbot), and 600 (Jefferson). The district covers 96 square miles and borders Salem Fire Department, Turner Fire District, Stayton Fire District, Scio Fire District, Polk County Fire District, and Albany Fire Department. Two major rivers run through the district (Willamette and Santiam) as do twenty miles of Intersate-5. The cities of Millersburg, Jefferson, and Talbot are all covered by the district as well.

There is a paid staff consisting of a chief, assistant chief/training officer, division chief/EMS coordinator, secretary, and a part time staff including two maintenance personnel, and approximately 20 Paramedics and EMT-Basics and Intermediates which staff Jefferson's ALS ambulance service. Approximately 25 volunteers and six sleepers serve the district as active firefighters.

A water rescue team, rope rescue team, support team, and a junior firefighter program all are integral parts of the district.




Our Mission

The mission of the Jefferson Rural Fire Protection District is to provide Excellent Life and Property Safety to the District by:

Effectively educating the public of it's role in Fire Safety.

Preserving the resources of the district through Fire Prevention and Supression.

To reduce the adverse effect of injury or sudden illness through quality Emergency Medical Service.

To provide the necessary services during natural or man-made disaster.

Providing Emergency Medical, Hazardous Materials, and other services consistent with the role of a modern Fire Department.



Contact Information

Please feel free to email or write if you have any questions or desire further information about our district or station.

-NOTE:  This is an UNOFFICIAL Site.  This is not an official Jefferson Fire Site.

Postal address
4310 Woods Rd., Albany, OR 97321
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