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Our Crew
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Poems, Stories, & Humor.
Fire Service History

Florence/Biscuit Fire
Night division, structure protection and spot watch.

Base Campweb.jpg (53421 bytes)

camp chow firebground web.jpg (58237 bytes)
Gettin' grub while the fire keeps burning.

Cliff Van R64 web.jpg (43965 bytes)
D.C. Schoenborn and FF Self pose for the camera.

Keizer guys web.jpg (96017 bytes)
Keizer guys don't seem very relaxed here!

Van and BC rigs web.jpg (37260 bytes)
The Chiefs are relaxing in camp.

bldng background web.jpg (68140 bytes)
Town of Selma.

checking rigs3 web.jpg (86678 bytes)
Rig checks.

Engine fire bground web.jpg (39966 bytes)
Fire flares up as we stage and begin our shift.

group Grants Pass web.jpg (78429 bytes)
A motley crew gathers.

Steve BC orange sky web.jpg (53999 bytes)
The Salem command guys are talking...scary.

Van wierd web.jpg (49883 bytes)
I have no idea.....

burnout_8dollarb.jpg (24928 bytes)
8 Dollar Mountain.

Chow Line web.jpg (68249 bytes)
The chow line wasn't bad since we were there early!

firelineb.jpg (78279 bytes)
Out on the lines.

fiery sky web.jpg (52164 bytes)
8 Dollar Mountain on the left.

task force staged web.jpg (37953 bytes)
Our task force staged on the higway.

van R64 orange sky web.jpg (51226 bytes)
D.C. Schoenborn and G64.



Last modified: December 05, 2003