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Conser/Old Salem MVAs

This van ran a stop sign and was hit by a semi traveling at least 50 MPH.  Engine 63 was toned to a two car MVA with patients trapped and one vehicle on fire.  Thankfully, the fire was only smoldering upon our arrival.

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In this accident the small red pickup ran the stop sign and was "T-boned" by a large full size pickup.   The impact knocked both vehicles on their tops.Both vehicles were traveling over 55 MPH.  Two persons died.

conseroldsalemafter 01 web.jpg (34565 bytes)
After it was over.

conseroldsalemclose 01 web.jpg (38363 bytes)
Working to extricate.  Rescue 63 and AFD Truck 13 worked hard for almost an hour to extricate and treat the young patient.

conseroldsalemwrkn 01 web.jpg (39444 bytes)



Last modified: December 05, 2003