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O.V.F.A. Conference
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FF "A.C." from T.V.F.&R. feeds hose to firefighters inside during SAR drills.

Chief Don Bemrose up early in the morning and smiling to his firefighters.

Cutting the "B" post with a Hurst Combination tool at Extrication Class.

Gabe_knock_knock.jpg (103637 bytes)
Gabe entering "home".

SAR_Group_Photo.jpg (168939 bytes)
Our SAR class.

gabe gets a save.jpg (127660 bytes)
A Save!

Ready to Go IN.jpg (126458 bytes)
Getting ready to go in.


Looking up the "prom" from in front of the "Ebb-Tide" where many of us stayed.

Cutting the "B" post.

Near-by Ft. Stevens.

Gabe_class_sick.jpg (74788 bytes)
Gabe before class.


tower_discussion.jpg (72685 bytes)
A discussion in the "tower".

Gabe takes Top.jpg (100479 bytes)
Gabe cutting the "C" post.




Last modified: December 05, 2003