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I-5 MVAs.
From the scary to the mundane.

I5 MVA238 lifelflightandcar web.jpg (46241 bytes)
A one car rollover on I-5 northbound. 

I5LODx2 piclifeflight2 web.jpg (25529 bytes)
The scene of a motor vehicle vs. pedestrian that took the lives of two police officers.

MVAI5chain2 041301 web.jpg (45973 bytes)
This 3 car MVA sent two children (who were in the small pickup) and two adults to the hospital. 

I5 MVA238 lifelflightandcar3 web.jpg (86022 bytes)
The patient was flown to a trauma center.

I5LODx2 pic van web.jpg (25586 bytes)
Same scene.

I5LODx2 pictrucktroytodd web.jpg (26444 bytes)

MVAI5chain3 041301 web.jpg (33921 bytes)

I5 MVA238 lifelflightincoming web.jpg (34005 bytes)

Lifeflight incoming.

I5LODx2 pic night web.jpg (18773 bytes)
The scene at night.

MVAI5chain 041301 web.jpg (45162 bytes)




Last modified: December 05, 2003