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Burn to Learns

630 crew 1 web.jpg (143255 bytes)
E63 crew on Buena-Vista burn.

Self Cowan looking garage web.jpg (80405 bytes)
Self and Cowan observing at Buena-Vista.

Cowan and John wow 1002 web.jpg (92772 bytes)
Cowan and A.C. Zielman before the burn.

Cowan front of door and attack web.jpg (71564 bytes)
Cowan at door of burning room.

A side wall spot burns web.jpg (97276 bytes)
Gettin' ready to go and then....

house fire main door web.jpg (88064 bytes)
...It was rippin'.


burn drill web.jpg (73083 bytes)
A practice field burn.

644 stuck 051001 web.jpg (40427 bytes)
640's grass rig.

Gabe Cliff gearoff2 web.jpg (98968 bytes)
Self and Anderson at the Pine St. burn.

Self going in garage web.jpg (41206 bytes)
Self going into burning room.



Last modified: December 05, 2003