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Station 630 is located on Woods Road near Conser in the city of Millersburg. The station was built in 1976 with a three engine bay, main office, business office, dining room, day room, kitchen and restrooms. Later sleeper quarters and an additional two bays were added. It's apparatus include two engines, a tender, a rescue, and a foam trailer.

It is one of three stations in the Jefferson Rural Fire Protection District.


Response Area and Alarms:
Starting from the north, the station provides fire-rescue/EMS protection from approximately mile post 241 on I-5 to mile post 236 to the south. The station covers west from the Willamette River to the Santiam river on the east. Much of the response area near Millersburg is industrial, including Palm Harbor Homes, Polar Cryogenics, Oakwood Homes, Discovery Plastics, and automatic mutual aid with Albany Fire District for Willamette Industries and Wah-Chang (Ore-Met) or recreational, including a large stretch of the Santiam and WIlamette Rivers and Albany Supercross.

Alarms range from QRT teams for medicals to structure fires and water rescues.



The annual Awards banquet was held recently, and Station 630 made quite a showing.

Receiving awards were:

"Great Stop - for aggressive and decisive attack on house fires":

FF Gabe Anderson.
FF Cliff Self.
FF Jason Powell.
Former FF Ryan Skare (currently w/ Cowlitz Co. FR).

"Rookie of the year" - a tie:

FF Heather Decker.
FF Cliff Self.

"Stewardship and Dedication":

FF Gabe Anderson.

"Officer of the year":

CPT Troy Jurgens (overall station commander).

It should be noted this was a district wide banquet, and Station 630 received the vast majority of the awards. This shows hard work is appreciated and rewarded. The crew of 630 gives 110% every time the tones go off, and it shows.


Last modified: December 05, 2003